2024 Spring Capsule Wardrobe: 20 Items, 36 Outfits!

I’m baaaaaack!! :)

Today I’m bringing you a basic spring capsule from Amazon! If you don’t know much about capsules, you can read more about them here and here. But in a nutshell, a capsule is a small, curated wardrobe where you create outfits with intention using closet staples that you love. The number of items in your closet can vary, but essentially the point is to be able to pare down your wardrobe and mix and match pieces that you tend to reach for often. There are many benefits, including saving money and reducing decision fatigue. Also, a less cluttered closet!!

I did my first capsule in 2020 and loved it. I always have a lot of fun finding versatile pieces and seeing how I can create multiple outfits with those few staples. This is my first capsule that I’ll be sharing with no pics of me in the outfits (because, #threekidlife), but I hope you can still find some inspiration!

If you see anything you like, I have linked the items to my Amazon storefront. Or just click on the name of the item below to shop! Most items are very affordable and I own many of the pieces I linked. My goal was to include a variety of clothing items in a neutral color palette (with a pop of rose pink!)

All right, let’s get to it! I’m going to list out the items that I picked for this capsule, then I will show the different outfits I created in collage form. There are TWENTY items in all and a total of THIRTY-SIX different outfit combos!

FIVE Tops:

SIX Bottoms:

THREE Outerwear:

  • Neutral crochet cardigan (have and love! a great transitional piece into warmer months)
  • Denim jacket (have and love! i sized up one in the color snowflake blue but you can get your true size! I just wanted it to fit a little oversized)
  • Neutral pullover (have and love!)

FOUR Shoes/TWO Hats:

Now, here are some outfit ideas! I created them with the BOTTOM in mind. So for example, I came up with six outfits with STRAIGHT LEG JEANS. Then another six with the MAXI SKIRT. So on and so forth!

Linen Pants Outfit Ideas:

Joggers Outfit Ideas:

Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas:

Straight Leg Jeans Outfit Ideas:

Black Shorts Outfit Ideas:

Black Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas:

I hope this post was helpful! Remember, you probably have some of these items in your closet. The key is not to over-consume; rather, to get back to basics! You can decide what YOU like and then start building a seasonal capsule that fits your style and personality. It doesn’t matter how many items you ultimately end up with, as long as you feel like you have a good variety of pieces without feeling the overwhelm of trying to figure out what to wear every day!


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