5 Podcasts to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

June 16, 2021

It’s been a couple years now since I discovered the world of podcasts. Listening to podcasts makes folding laundry go faster, cleaning bathrooms a breeze, opens my mind and broadens my perspective in a unique way. The podcast world is saturated. Especially after the pandemic, it seems like everyone has a podcast. Sometimes, depending on the platform, it will take me a couple of days of listening on and off to get through a full episode. Those listening sessions offer powerful doses of inspiration and food for thought. Other times, it’s a quick 20 or 30 minutes of my time and I’m uplifted. Either way, it is safe to say podcasts have changed my life. Consequently, I find myself looking forward to them every week. Here is a list of my favorites for restoring your faith in humanity.

Oprah’s Super Soul

This podcast was the first podcast I ever listened to. Specifically, Cindy Crawford describing the way she was raised, Oprah telling her own life story, and Robin Roberts opening a window into her world were wildly moving accounts. It was so inspiring to hear those women tell their hardships and their victories. Their powerhouse status fell away, and momentarily, they were down to earth, vulnerable women I could relate to. I was captivated, and so grateful for their transparency. I would recommend this podcast because it offers three years worth of interviews that genuinely uplift you. You can find this show on Apple Podcasts.

On Purpose With Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is committed to making spiritual growth a worldwide movement. I have taken more notes from this podcast than any other. Regardless of who he interviews, Jay makes it possible for the listener to resonate with the content and learn something new. His positive demeanor is almost uncanny. Lindsay and I have discussed in the past how welcome he makes every guest feel and for the listener, the gratitude he expresses is contagious. You can find this show on Apple Podcasts.

Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard

If you read our 2020 roundup, you already know I’m a big fan of this one. Dax says– “I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy”. Well, I couldn’t agree more with that. No matter who comes on the show, I learn something from listening to them. Dax is such a great interviewer and it seems no question is off limits. Some of my favorite episodes include Dax’s mom, Laura Labo, Sanjay Gupta, Adam Grant, Matthew McConaughey, and Tristan Harris. There are far more, but that’s a good launchpad. Starting July 1, this show will stream on Spotify. For now, you can listen there, or on Apple Podcasts.

We Can Do Hard Things With Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle is a superheroine. Honestly, she is one of the most impactful women of this century. Again, in our 2020 roundup post, Glennon’s book Untamed was our pick for best book. She has a way of making women feel seen, understood, and taken care of, all while making us laugh along the way. This podcast is new; she has only put out four episodes thus far. I can confidently say all four are fantastic. Go ahead, listen and be seen. This show can be found on Apple Podcasts.

Elevation With Steven Furtick

This show consists of sermons from Elevation Church. Steven Furtick is a passionate and unapologetic pastor. I have appreciated his candor and courage in the messages he preaches. He does a great job welcoming guest pastors as well, and one of my favorites, Robert Madu, comes on often. The sermons are thought provoking, moving, and encouraging. Also, I find myself laughing out loud frequently. They are always worth the listen. This show can be found on Apple Podcasts.

I hope this list offers you some content that feeds your soul. If you listen to any that you’d highly recommend, please share with us in the comments! We love expanding our podcast horizons :).

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