The BEST Amazon Cozies Under $40!

October 31, 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’re alllllll about the comfy cozies right now. Whether you stay at home with your kiddos, work from home, or just like to go straight to lounge-mode at 5pm (or maybe you’re all three, like me), comfy clothes are a must. And it’s perfectly fine by me that nowadays the loungewear and athleisure looks are on trend.

In honor of the times (plus, hello cooler weather!!) I rounded up a few of my favorite comfy/cozy pieces from Amazon, all under 40 bucks.

These babies are the bomb. I’ve had my share of joggers, and I feel like these meet all the criteria: buttery soft, the perfect fit (not skin-tight but also don’t make my butt look non-existent) and cute enough to wear as an outfit! Also, you CANNOT beat this price (13 bucks!!)

If you live in a warmer climate, you can wear these year-round. So soft and perfect for after work (or working from home!)

Loose Henley Tie Shirt

This shirt came recommended to me after I had my baby a couple years ago, and it’s still a super popular find! It’s long enough for leggings and can be worn as loungewear or dressed up. I love versatile pieces!

I don’t own this blanket but I hear it’s a good find! Perfect for those Netflix binges. And so cute, right?!

I feel like these are the holy grail of leggings. I don’t own any Lulu Aligns, but I have read that these Amazon ones are an awesome dupe. The fabric is buttery soft and of course you can’t beat the high waist. I have a pair with pockets, too!

Open Fleece Cardigan

I have a similar one from last year and wore it all the time in the winter. One of those perfect items to just throw on in the chilly mornings or evenings.

Tie-Dye PJ Set

A similar top and bottom was gifted to me by a friend, and I love it! So cozy and cute. There are a ton of color options!


Who needs real shoes these days? These are super fuzzy and warm and perfect for lounging around the house!

Stay cozy, friends!


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