A Walk Around The Park

September 04, 2022


I wish life was more like my morning walks around the park

Everyone on the same literal path

And yet… no “path” is the same

Some of us choose to saunter; others opt to sprint

Some are pushing strollers with sleepy babies

Others are pulling bike trailers with lively toddlers, anxious to reach the play structures

I see pedestrians with headphones, tuned into their unique means of escape

And I observe others embracing silence, contemplative on the route they take

Groups, pairs, individuals, families

Riding, jogging, strolling, running

Ankle weights, phones glued to ears, music blasting, friends laughing

A young couple in love, hand in hand

A loyal dog striding near his old man

No matter the way we traverse the path

We smile and greet each other, no questions asked

I don’t judge you for running 

You don’t judge me for walking

We go about our business, honoring our health

Our freedom, our alive-ness, our senses of self

Always holding warm regard for one another as we stay in our lanes

Finding meaning in the glorious as well as the mundane

Connected by common goals and humanity

People of all kinds, colors, backgrounds, beliefs

Just passing our fellow humans and finding simple joy

In these seemingly small greetings

and yet, unconsciously providing us with a tiny boost

As we press forward

On the same path

In our unique ways

Around the park

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  1. Crystal Schiller

    Beautiful. Thank you for this! 😊 🌳🌳🌳😊


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