Cute Decor from Amazon To Refresh Your Kitchen!

February 14, 2021

I just recently moved into a new house that also happens to be twice the size of my old one. For the past couple of years I have been saving my money specifically so I could buy new, affordable decor and random items that are both cute and functional to fill and freshen up my spaces. First up: my kitchen.

There are so many fun ways to liven things up in your various spaces, and today I want to share some items and decor from Amazon that I am loving for the kitchen area. I would describe my style as modern farmhouse, and I absolutely love any white/wood combination + soft, neutral colors. Below are my most recent finds from Amazon that I’ve added to my kitchen. Some are functional items, some are purely decor, and a lot of them double as both! Win/win.

Cutest little bottle to add to your kitchen decor! I have olive oil in mine and place it next to my stove.

I love this adorable soap dispenser and brush next to my kitchen sink!

This crumb runner/counter sweep is one of those things you don’t think you need until you have one! If you have little kids it’s a game changer!

An affordable cutting board that doubles as cute decor!

There’s something about wood utensils in a white pitcher or utensil holder out on display that just makes a kitchen feel cuter and more pulled together.

I’m obsessed with these expandable bamboo silverware trays to stay organized!

Cute spoon holder or tray for your dish/hand soap!

This organizer is the I’m so glad I finally bought one for myself; it makes it so much easier to see and grab my pans!

You know these hand and dish soap dispensers are prettier than whatever you buy at the store. 🙂

These mini plants are so cute! My sister bought them for me for my birthday and I have two in my kitchen and one in my bathroom. They are cute as they are, or you can buy decorative mini pots to dress them up a little.

These adorable pots (plants not included) are the perfect size for the mini plants! Love the gold accents!

There are so many utensil holders to choose from. I use a white pitcher but I love this one also!

I love these simple jute placemats because they go with everything!

These have awesome reviews! Basic, super absorbent and soft…and cute! You know you need some new kitchen towels 😉

This is Joanna Gaines’ “Hearth and Hand” brand that everyone and their mom loves, and for good reason! I have these salt and pepper containers next to my stove and use them all the time for cooking! Cute and functional.

I saw someone on Instagram with this knife block and knew I needed one for myself! It was gifted to me by my husband and I’m obsessed with the white knives! So pretty.

I use this log serving tray for some of my kitchen decor. It adds depth and fun texture and really pulls together the white and wood look I have going on.

Technically a salad bowl but I love it as a fruit bowl on my kitchen counter. Mine is a similar find from Target.

This pretty white vase is beautiful to stand alone as decor but you can also add some pretty fresh or faux flowers/stems for a pop of color!

Again with the white/wood look. Very similar coasters were given to me by my sister as part of a housewarming gift, and I have them on a tray on my kitchen table and love them!

And yet again…the perfect cake stand that doubles as a little pedestal for your decor to add some interest and height to your kitchen counters.

Here are a few pictures of the items and how I use them in my kitchen!

I use this cake stand for decor next to my bathtub 🙂

And that’s a wrap! Beautiful and functional items to make your kitchen prettier and more fun to be in! Because let’s be honest, MOST of our time is spent in and around the kitchen. 🙂


Black Olive Oil Dispenser // Soap Dispenser & Brush // Counter Sweep // Cutting Board // Wood Utensils // Bamboo Silverware Organizer // Wood Spoon Holder // Pan Organizer // Hand and Dish Soap // Mini Faux Plants // Mini Pots // Utensil Holder // Jute Placemats // Hand Towels // Salt and Pepper Containers // Knife Block // Acacia Server Tray // Wood Bowl // Vase // Coasters // Cake Stand

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