To Be She Part 2: Inspiration through Eve

September 23, 2022
powerful, life giver, brave
the O.G.
trailblazer and mother of
saw the grand vision
accomplished the mission
revealed to her daughters
divine intuition
took on the burden 
didn't shrink down or shirk it
trusted deep down that
this life would be worth it

to see the big picture is
of what it means to be woman,
a dreamer of dreams
risking and rising
forging and fighting
we pave sacred paths
with our Mother God guiding

we make plans then do them
to keep the world moving 
holy work is our claim and
we own it and use it to 
push humankind into
finding its purpose
our nudges move mountains
we know what our worth is

our divine sacred rage is 
for all that’s destructive
we’ll pound fists till bloody 
to knock out injustice
our fierceness so healing 
the world is our witness
of power we hold to
mend fences,
build bridges

we birth babies, raise heroes,
share wisdom passed on
from our
mothers and grandmas
our strength built upon
their faith and pure bravery
they show us the way that we
move through this world making 
changes so patiently

like oceans we sway 
but our depth never changes
embodying our truth
and the ways that it shapes us
as we sync with the moon/ 
natures rhythms we’re mindful
of our feminine gifts 
like our God-given cycles

our softness, compassion
instinct to create,
wild fervor and passion
how we orchestrate...
are traits we were given
from Her to remind us
of our infinite worth;
sisterhood that will bind us 

powerful, life givers, brave
here we stand
arms linked, we move forward
embracing The Plan
we see the grand vision,
we’ll accomplish the mission
relying on our strength and 
divine intuition
we’ll take on the burden
won’t shrink down or shirk it
we trust mother Eve that
our fight will be worth it

A Little Background…

After I wrote my piece To Be She, I received positive feedback. But I also heard from people who told me they couldn’t wait until I wrote the piece that I promised I would write soon, about what I love about being a woman.

And the truth is, at the time I wrote To Be She, I was struggling with my worth and therefore did not feel that I could produce a post that encapsulated the beautiful things about being female. I had built up a lot of anger and resentment in the aftermath of Covid and was finding it difficult to get out of that headspace. I knew that if I tried to write a more positive piece with the same intensity and focus on truth-telling that I channeled with my first one, it would be a fake because deep down I wouldn’t really believe in what I was writing. That’s just the truth of where I was at.

But something amazing happened shortly after I released that initial post. I started tuning into podcasts, Instagram accounts, books, music and articles that were talking about womanhood, femininity and the divine feminine. I became educated on feminism and patriarchy. I was hearing words like “embodiment” and “sovereign.” I was seeing so many women speaking up about what THEY love about being female and being “she.” About how they rejected the world’s version of what a good woman should be, look like, and do, and fearlessly and unapologetically were stepping into their own autonomy. And it felt like a little (or maybe a giant) nudge from above–divine intervention from the universe urging me to go forward.

One morning in bed, a thought entered my head that I couldn’t ignore: write a poem. I had been stewing for so long over what I wanted to write and the format I would use for my piece, and a poem was NOT on my radar. But over and over the thought flurried around in my head. Let me be clear, I am NOT a poet. But I went ahead and followed that nudge, and this is my product.

Lots of times I write things, but sometimes the universe writes things through me. Let’s call it divine inspiration through a divine invitation. Although simple, I think this poem speaks volumes. I am grateful for the opportunity to let creativity flow, and for the positive feelings that flooded through me as I thought about Eve, our foremother, the first woman. (I am well aware that she gets a bad rap; however, I choose to dismiss that tired old narrative and view her from a lens of bravery, strength and the ability to push back against the status quo. I see her the way I see myself: a complex woman with complex feelings and a strong desire to do right no matter the cost). Because I revere her, I feel strongly that it’s time to reflect her in the way that she REALLY is, and as her daughters, the way we REALLY are. We all have some “Eve” in us, and that’s a good thing.

I believe with ALL OF MY HEART that a powerful force is out there sweeping across our globe, gently nudging women and girls to wake up to their power. What an amazing time it is to be a woman. I hope you feel that in your heart, too. ♥️

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  1. Crystal Schiller

    “We trust mother Eve.”

    Brilliant. This poem relaxes me reading it…a clear sign of divine inspiration.

    🙏🏻 Thank you. 🙏🏻


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