Let’s Talk Cycles Part 2: Seasons & Superpowers

February 04, 2022

In my last post I wrote about the importance of living in alignment with our design. You can read it here in case you missed it!

Understanding how our bodies work and passing on that knowledge to the next generation is vital. In the age of information, we have no excuse to be ignorant or vague about this topic.

But more importantly, in my opinion, we need to embrace the powerful truth that our bodies are divinely designed. Knowing this truth changes so much about how we view ourselves and our bodies.

So, enough with the narrative that our bodies are shameful, embarrassing, unpredictable and burdensome. Out with the immature and ill-informed comments regarding our periods, hormones and PMS. If you’re tired, like I was, of resenting your body and feeling like a victim to your emotions and constant mind/body changes, then read on.

Noticing Patterns

I have been studying up on this topic for quite some time. It really picked up last year when I decided to track my cycle. I downloaded the Moody app and was amazed to see how well the descriptions in the “daily check-ins” matched the feelings I was experiencing. I started to notice patterns in my moods, libido, hunger and energy levels. Months of tracking helped me anticipate my upcoming hormonal shifts and discover ways I could set myself up for success in each phase of my cycle. The ultimate reward was that I felt much more in control of my life. I came to know myself so much better.

Beyond tracking, I started listening to podcasts and reading articles about women’s cycles. I felt empowered and emboldened by other women’s knowledge, experiences and viewpoints regarding our divine feminine design and how we can live in harmony with our cyclical patterns.

Learning about how our cycles emulate the cycles of the moon, natural cycles in nature and of course seasons was sort of the icing on the cake for me. It helped me grasp how POWERFUL women are when we adhere to our bodies’ natural rhythms, embracing each “season” of our cycle.

Hear Me Out…

If it sounds a bit woo-woo or too good to be true, hear me out. I’ve always been one to just ‘suck it up and deal’ each time my period came around. Other than the week of menstruation, I never paid much attention to other parts of my cycle. But this did me no favors because it kept me out of touch with myself and often made me feel powerless and untrusting of/annoyed with my body and mind. Sound familiar?

I don’t love science, so if you do, you will find much more informative and accurate articles out there about how our bodies function. I need left-brain explanations, so what has most resonated with me is comparing the phases of our cycle to the seasons. A 12 year-old girl would appreciate this explanation as well. 🙂

Quick reminder: our cycle begins on Day 1 of our period. The average cycle is 28 days, but this can greatly vary from woman to woman.


Menstrual Phase // Superpower: Reflective

Just like in winter, we often feel like hibernating during this phase. No, it’s not an “excuse”–our progesterone levels are at their lowest, so we literally do not have the same energy levels that we do at other times of the month. This is science! Also, we are hungrier at this time of month due to hormone fluctuations. So we definitely shouldn’t feel bad about eating more; it just means we are IN TUNE with our body when we honor our hunger levels and satiate it! Grab snacks, a heating pad, some fuzzy slippers and REST. This is not the time to over-exert in our exercise routines or participate in tons of tiring social events. This is a time to park ourselves on the couch after dinner (take-out preferably) and watch a good rom-com, read a novel or indulge in a nice, warm bath. Essentially we can use this time to look inward, reflect and reset. Hello self-care.


Follicular Phase // Superpower: Creative

Once our period ends, we enter what’s called the “Follicular phase.” Fatigue, cravings, period pain…they disappear! Winter is over and it’s time to embrace the newness of life. We might notice our skin is clearer, our energy levels are higher and our moods are more stable. We feel like a new woman! This is a beautiful time to do something creative, work on goals, tackle a project (“spring cleaning” anyone?) or make plans with friends.


Ovulation Phase // Superpower: Confident

Hello, ovulation. This is when our estrogen levels peak and we are the most fertile (in case we are trying to get pregnant). Our ovulation window is short so we need to capitalize on it just like we capitalize on the summer months! We have the most energy and feel the most social and communicative during this phase. This is a great time to GO DO THINGS (even for us introverts). We can continue the momentum from “spring” and smash our goals, do some HIIT workouts, take a little vacation with our significant other (this is when our libido tends to be the highest too–wink, wink) and just enjoy life.


Luteal Phase // Superpower: Mindful

This is known as our “luteal phase.” Just like Fall weather can be unpredictable and the days get shorter, our hormone levels start to ebb and flow and voila, PMS enters. This means we experience unpredictable moods, are more easily triggered, and can feel more withdrawn and anxious. This is a time to quiet the mind, do some yoga or stretching, be mindful of how we are feeling at any given moment and “prepare for hibernation.” It can be a challenging time for us, so it’s important that we are gentle with ourselves, that we make adjustments when necessary, and keep our calendars clear, if possible. Staying present through our breath is a great way to bring us back to earth and give us perspective when we feel upset or triggered.

Ultimate Superpower

So, now that we can draw parallels between our cycles and the seasons, we can feel more empowered to live in alignment with our natural design. We can better understand the unique aspects that each season or phase of our cycle offers, appreciating the ability to constantly be in tune and embodied, like a true GODDESS.

Our bodies, our periods, our fluctuating hormones…they aren’t a “curse” or “the downside of being a woman.” When we change our perception, we can really start viewing our bodies as a gift, as the often-daily changes that occur within our bodies force us to be present, self-aware, and grounded.

Let’s stop the tired old narrative that continually gets passed down from generation to generation– you know the one: “Sorry, sucks being a woman…good luck!” We deserve so much better, and so do the girls in our lives. ♥️

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  1. Autumn

    Lindsay this is revolutionary!! I love how you said “left brained explanations”…you know I’m the same way! I can’t wait to share this post with my daughters. Thanks for writing this— you’re right, it’s a game changer!!😘

  2. Crystal

    Thank you for offering this beautiful metaphor of the changing seasons. It makes good sense and will help me to honor what is occurring physically better. This was an interesting read!


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