On Blogging, Candidness and Doing Life Together

September 24, 2021

Over a year ago, Autumn and I launched this blog on a wing and a prayer. After literal MONTHS of going back and forth (should we…should we not…maybe we should…nope, not worth it…ok but let’s just try), we finally took the plunge. And you know how it happened? Autumn texted me out of the blue one morning and informed me that she had spontaneously purchased a logo.

And THAT, my friends, is how it’s done.

It’s Just Time…

With a LOT of faith, prayer and dark chocolate, we dove headfirst into this intimidating thing called website design/blogging. We are both fully aware it’s not the prettiest blog on the interwebs (amateurs over here just wingin’ it, thank you very much). However, it’s candid and it’s ours.

So, why did we start this blog? Well for one, we are moms. When the babies came, pieces of us got lost; over time a little here, a little there. We love our children dearly, but we love writing, too. And there’s something about reaching our mid-thirties that made us stop and slightly panic for a hot second. You know, healthy panic…the kind that motivates you to put on your big girl panties and do the thing you’ve been putting off all this time. Kids are GREAT excuses. But abandoning our passions in the name of mothering? Kind of stopped making sense after awhile. Voila, we gave birth to a different type of child; a creative outlet. And for once, no guilt–just good ol’ fashioned self-love.

Also, we had been sharing our writing with each other for quite some time, but we both felt a little lame about it. Like, wouldn’t it be nice to actually put these for-our-eyes-only pieces out there for others to read? It was a scary thought for sure, and we still wonder if anyone actually reads or cares about what we write, but honestly, maybe it doesn’t matter. We have been able to tap into a creative side of ourselves that went dormant for a long while, and THAT is enough. If something we write happens to resonate with one or two people? A HUGE bonus. (To be fair, we are VERY aware of the few of you who read this baby of ours, and we are so beyond grateful for your sweet comments and thoughts about our pieces. It means a lot to us that you would take the time out of your day to read anything we write).

And We Could All Use A Little More Candidness…

Lastly, candidness. Hard to come by sometimes, agreed? One of the reasons I love Autumn so much (there are millions) is that she values authenticity just as much as I do. What does that mean for our friendship? It means we have LOOOOOOOONG and deep discussions about everything you can imagine and then some. In fact, so many of our posts are based on the conversations that we have.

It means sending bare-faced Marco Polos to each other (best app ever) while cleaning our dirty kitchens in our workout clothes and crying about sick children, arguments with husbands, lost friends, faith crises, work overwhelm, self doubt, deceased pets, this FREAKING pandemic, and just general confusion about the strange world we live in.

And it means we bring our WHOLE selves to the table, not just the good parts. We bring our vulnerability, our questions, our best advice and a whole lot of empathy. We might not hang out at each others’ houses or go on girls trips together, but we sure as hell beat a subject to its bloody death over text. Autumn brings her pain, I bring mine, and together we realize how UN-alone we actually are in this world.

A Recipe For True Connection

We believe when wise women are vulnerable with each other, magic happens. That right there is the sweet spot for real, authentic connection–the kind we all crave, even if we don’t realize it. Autumn and I want this blog to be a safe landing place for women like us, who also value authenticity and truth. If you can’t find it out there, please know you can find it right here. That might be the most important reason for this blog.

Today we decided we would ‘resurrect’ some of our old posts. If any of the titles jump out at you, feel free to read and/or share with a friend. If you have felt alone, confused or sad at any point in the last month or two, please know we have both felt those feelings, too. Being a mom is hard. Relationships are hard. Working is hard. Being a human being is SO. DANG. HARD.

No matter your unique struggles, just know that you are not alone. Here’s to waking up each day and doing life, conquering fears, trying new things, asking scary questions, and being vulnerable and candid through it all. We are in it together. We love you.

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