Our Story

Autumn & Lindsay

Can I Be Candid was born in 2020 after many months of wrestling with the idea of starting a blog. Ultimately, our brave side won. We are both moms who love to share our truth through writing, and a blog seemed to be a perfect outlet.

Instagram brought us together back in 2014 when we were both regularly posting on our fitness pages, and the power of a hashtag catapulted us into each other’s lives. The rest is history. We finally solidified our friendship by meeting in person five years later, and it was totally surreal and amazing. Through the years we have used many forms of technology to stay connected, continue developing our friendship, and learn from one another.

We call each other soul sisters, and ironically, we share the same (and rarest!) Myers Briggs personality type, which is just one more crazy thing that links us. Our love for our families, writing, personal growth, podcasts, reading, and people who aren’t afraid to be their true selves are just a few others. To us, there is nothing braver than being fearlessly authentic, and that is what we are all about here on the blog.

No matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, we hope you find something here that inspires you, gives you hope, makes you feel less alone, or simply brings a smile to your face. We understand the pressure humans face today, especially women. In a world where being busy is a status symbol and perfection is the ultimate goal (even if it’s just attained through filters in a feed), it’s no wonder we are so. dang. tired. So, we hope brave women will RISE with us. Rise out of the boxes society puts us in, and into our full humanity.  We want to hear your messy stories. We want to learn from you. And we want you to come here and breathe a sigh of relief, because life isn’t all that bad, and we are a lot more alike than we are different.

Go ahead and exhale. And thanks so much for being here.


Hi there! I’m Autumn. I’m a bit of a social introvert who doesn’t care for small talk but loves authentic human connection. I spend my days raising and learning from my 3 cherished children, ages 16, 13, and 7. I’ve been married 16 years to a guy I met when we were 7. I love to write, read, bake, cook, eat, work out, spend time outside, watch movies, and help others. I started Can I Be Candid to use what I have learned and what I love to connect with others by sharing soulful stories and earned wisdom. Thank you for stopping by and please feel welcome to stay awhile!


Hello, friends. I’m Lindsay. I’m a 37 year-old California girl and proud wearer of many hats: wife, mother, English teacher, fitness instructor and writer. I am blessed with a loving husband of 15 years and three energetic kiddos (ages 11, 8, and 5), who constantly teach me, love me, and make me very tired. I am fascinated with humanity and all that unites us. Though I find myself in a lot of places throughout my days, my very favorite would have to be right here on my couch, snuggled under a blanket, and reading a good book. This blog is a safe place to express my heart, share my truth, and connect with people like you. Thank you for being here!