Six Weeks of Teacher Outfits from Amazon: August/September Roundup

September 16, 2023

Hi Friends! I am linking up my Amazon teacher outfits from the past six weeks (30 OUTFITS!!) to hopefully provide you with some inspiration! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @teachmeyouroutfits for daily inspo! Also, my Fall Capsule is out now if you’re looking for basics that you can mix and match to create endless outfits!

The weather is still warm here, but my classroom is frrrreeeeezing, so I do have quite a few outfits that work for both summer and fall temps. Basically, a neutral cardigan and good denim jacket have been my best friends lately!

Let’s Shop!

I will provide the link to each item underneath the outfit collages. I made sure to specify when the item is linked to something similar and not the exact piece.

Happy Fall everyone! I’ll be back in another six weeks or so, and I am so excited because at that point I will have a lot more sweaters and booties to share. Yay FALL CLOTHES! 😉


TOP LEFT: Dress // Similar booties

TOP MIDDLE: Similar $15 Chambray top // Similar skirt // Heels

TOP RIGHT: Similar top // Similar jeans // Booties

BOTTOM LEFT: “All the Cool Kids are Reading” Graphic Tee // Pants // Similar flats

BOTTOM MIDDLE: Cropped cardigan // Pants // Similar booties

BOTTOM RIGHT: Blouse // The BEST pants // Platform Sandals

TOP LEFT: Dress // Jacket // Similar mules

TOP MIDDLE: Dress // Similar booties

TOP RIGHT: Similar top // Similar jeans // Leopard flats

BOTTOM LEFT: Similar dress // Similar boots

BOTTOM MIDDLE: Similar top // Pants // Similar booties

BOTTOM RIGHT: Comfy top // Pants // Belt // Similar Flats

TOP LEFT: Denim jacket // Jumpsuit // Similar booties

TOP MIDDLE: $20 Top // Pants // Similar slides

TOP RIGHT: Similar top // Dress // Similar mules

BOTTOM LEFT: $20 Dress // Platform sandals

BOTTOM MIDDLE: Similar dress // Similar jacket // Similar booties

BOTTOM RIGHT: Top // Pants

TOP LEFT: Top // Similar pants // Similar flats

TOP MIDDLE: Similar dress // Similar cardigan // Chelsea boots

TOP RIGHT: Similar “Be Kind” graphic tee // Skirt // $20 Sneakers

BOTTOM LEFT: Dress // Denim jacket (love the stretch on this!)

BOTTOM MIDDLE: Similar top // Similar cropped jeans

BOTTOM RIGHT: Top // Similar flares // Booties

TOP LEFT: Similar top // Dress // Similar booties

TOP MIDDLE: Similar dress // Denim jacket // $20 Sneakers

TOP RIGHT: Bestselling dress // Similar cardigan // Similar booties

BOTTOM LEFT: Dress // Similar top

BOTTOM MIDDLE: Blouse // Similar jeans // Heels

BOTTOM RIGHT: Bodysuit // Belt // Skirt // Similar slides // My favorite necklace!

Thanks for following along! See ya soon for more teacher outfits!

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