Monday Morning Musings

October 24, 2022

This morning I woke up to snow on the ground and the quiet that comes with low hanging clouds. The house was chilly, so we turned on the fireplace. Our Monday morning hustle commenced as normal, and with the addition of hats, mittens, and snow pants, off to school we went.

At the grocery store, I ran into an old friend at the deli counter. Her warm smile and embracing hug was well received, and I was boosted by our exchange. Upon walking out of the market, I encountered another mother I know, with two of her three little ones in tow.

I See You

Her middle daughter trailed behind her, donning pigtails, a short sleeve shirt, and shorts, in the 30 degree weather. She made me smile. Almost immediately upon our greeting, this mama was sure to point out the fact that her daughter had indeed dressed herself. She held up the coat meant for her little one and said “she does have a jacket!” Instantly, I responded by telling her I have daughters, I get it! I recognized the story behind her words, even the ones she wasn’t saying.

Oh, to be walking the tight rope of allowing our daughters to make choices for themselves, learn through experiences, and embrace the fire of who they are, while simultaneously offering guidance and drawing appropriate boundaries for their wellbeing. I see you mama, I see you.

Coffee Shop Connections

My next stop was a favorite coffee shop, made popular by 20+ years of consistent delectability. The line was long and the music was soothing, thanks to James Taylor. A woman walked in and stood behind me, and soon she was quietly singing along to Fire and Rain. I glanced behind me and saw the beautiful cream colored beret atop her blonde hair, and the cozy sweater and leggings she wore with a pair of gray wool and camel leather Sorels.

“You look SO cute.” I told her. “Everything just works so well, you look great!”

She smiled big back at me and thanked me, telling me how she was excited to embrace the wintery weather with her wardrobe. I took my turn to order my drink and went to stand off to the side. A man sitting close behind me at a nearby table gently pushed a chair in my direction and asked if I would like to sit down.

What Are You Reading?

I turned around to answer him and saw that he was reading a book. I thanked him for the offer and said I was okay standing but I appreciated his thoughtfulness. After a few minutes, curiosity got the better of me and I asked him what he was reading. He showed me the cover, a book called “The End” about World War II. He is into history, he said, and is always the guy who people ask, “what are you reading?”

I shared that I am currently reading “The Bomber Mafia,” also about WWII, by Malcolm Gladwell. Our brief conversation then evolved into Malcolm as an author, and the man recommended “Outliers,” one that I am familiar with but have never read. We wished each other a great day and I went on my way.

Surprise Visitors

A short time after returning home, I got a phone call from two of my daughter’s friends, on a walk during their free periods. They noticed we had packages in a mail receptacle at the bottom of our road, and asked if I would like them brought up to our house. Delightfully surprised, I told them I would have homemade cake waiting upon their arrival.

Ten minutes later, those lovely young ladies walked through my door just how I would hope they would, like they live here, and I sat them down with a piece of cake each. We chatted about weekend events and plans up ahead. They sat by the fireplace and played with the kitten. Then with a to-go cup of fresh brewed tea, they headed out the door and back to school, happy.

Unexpected Magic

These moments, shared with the people we know and love, and the strangers we appreciate, give life meaning in unique ways. The way we move about the world and the unexpected magic of a Monday morning breathes new breath into our lungs and makes the mundane majestic.

Monday Morning Musings for our beautiful readers…wishing you magic in your Monday and for the rest of the week. It’s always been the little things, friends.

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    How inspiring! I love this. It shows how you make yourself a light everywhere you go. 🕯


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