Three Simple Ways To Update Any Space In Your Home

July 13, 2021

Do you ever feel like a certain room in your home (or maybe just your home in general) needs a facelift? Like maybe it has a case of the blahs…but when you look around you aren’t exactly sure how to spruce it up? I’m not talking about remodeling (although that definitely has its place). I’m thinking more along the lines of making simple tweaks to freshen up a space that’s maybe a bit outdated or boring. It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you experience that feeling.

But don’t worry, friend: I got you! I am by no means a professional home decorator (though maybe in another lifetime), but I do have a passion for giving spaces much-needed facelifts. Just a few weeks ago my sister asked me to redecorate her bathroom and omg it was SO MUCH FUN. Like, we went shopping and bought stuff for her bathroom one night, but since it was so late we had to wait until the next morning to dive in. Oh man, let me tell you–waiting until the next day was TORTURE for me. Put me in a room that needs some sprucing up and give me a budget…it’s better than Christmas I tell ya.

BEFORE (Above)


BEFORE (Above)


Ok, so today I want to share THREE simple ways to give your spaces a little upgrade. Nothing crazy; I promise this is not hard or overwhelming or expensive. I’m a HUGE believer in simplicity and affordability when it comes to decorating. 85% of my decor is from Target! The rest is Hobby Lobby and Amazon. You can make a space look phenomenal with super simple and budget-friendly tweaks. The idea is not to spend a whole bunch of money or go crazy tearing up your house from the ground up. Instead, just be willing to spend a few bucks on the small details. And if you feel like an entire room needs a facelift, pay attention to each individual SPACE in that room. Start small by focusing on the details in ONE SPACE instead of tackling the entire room at once. Then move onto the next space.

Ok, let’s dive in. Here are THREE simple ways to update and freshen up any space in your home.


I am maybe a bit obsessed with trays, but I swear they pull things together so well and make any space look super chic and organized. The idea with trays is to take functional items and mix them with decor (I love plants; almost every single tray in my house holds a plant of some kind). The result is total (functional) eye candy; a cute tray with some greenery plus items that you use every day, all corralled in one intentional space? Yes please.

This is a “basket tray” that sits on a side table next to the sectional in our living room. Functional items (coasters, remotes) mixed with a cute plant.
Another “basket tray” that sits on the table in my back patio space. I placed a plant and candle in there for some added decor.
Trays can be small and rectangular too 🙂 This one sits on my kitchen table and holds coasters and salt and pepper shakers.
I love the look of this tray that sits right next to my stove in my kitchen. I use the olive oil, salt/ pepper and utensils for cooking, and the greenery in a cute pot pulls it all together!
This is the exact same little tray that sits on my kitchen table. Since our guest bathroom has a lot of grey, I like to pull in wood tones wherever possible! Small trays are a great place for hand soap and lotion; they also add color, interest and depth!
This is technically a serving tray (which I definitely use when I host), but it doubles as a place to hold various decorations in my main living area.
A great way to corral bathroom items is to use a cake stand! This sits next to my bathtub and holds bath salts, face masks, a scrub brush and a cute plant!
Yet another tray sits on my laundry room counter. Yes, you can make your laundry room cute! These spray bottles hold stain remover and starch (for wrinkles) and of course, there’s a plant thrown in there too.
This round tray sits on my end table by my bed. My hubby and I both have one. A plant, cute alarm clock and other essentials (in my case, this adorable journal designed by my good friend, Kaleena) make this space look organized rather than cluttered.
This tray is technically a cutting board, but I love the way it looks in the middle of my bathroom counter to hold bathroom essentials (aaaaand a cute plant).
A pretty tray can hold jewelry, lotion, perfume etc. in a vanity area. This one is from Wayfair


As seen in the tray pictures above, greenery is just a given. And there are so many cute and inexpensive plants/trees out there to liven up a space! A good majority of my plants are from Hobby Lobby, Homegoods or Target!

These mini planters are super cute; plants not included
I adore this fiddle leaf plant and basket
This olive plant and plant stand are a great option to fill a space
Long stems are from Hobby Lobby and are great to switch out with the seasons
Vase and greenery from Homegoods/Hobby Lobby
The plant on the right is from target; mini stool from Hobby Lobby
Side note: beads are a great decor item and super on trend
Plant from Amazon, beads from Hobby Lobby, vase from Target


If you ever need to fill a space (like a corner or entryway, for example), these are great options! Decorative baskets are great for doubling as decor and storage, ottomans and benches look cute on their own but are also perfect for extra seating, and stools can also jazz up a space, especially with a plant on top.

This cutie plant stand/stool is from Hobby Lobby. Plant from Amazon
I love a bench at the foot of the bed! This one is from Wayfair
Obsessed with this skinny stool
A tiny plant stand jazzes up the space
This basket ottoman holds our pool towels!
I don’t do real plants, but this ottoman is perfect for holding this faux plant on our front porch
Baskets are great for storing blankets, toys, pillows and more
Love this woven basket. There are so many cute ones!
This one is great for storing small towels next to a tub
This ottoman with a pillow fills empty space and adds extra seating
This black stool is perfect for filling the space by my door in my entry. It’s also great for a side table or seating!

That’s all for now, folks! Have fun experimenting with these three simple ways to liven up the spaces around your home. I’m a huge believer in decorating with intention so that you LOVE where you live!

And if you enjoyed this post, check out my post: Cute Decor from Amazon To Refresh Your Kitchen!

P.S. Another awesome way to update a space is to PAINT! We (and by “we” I mean the husband) are currently in the middle of painting various rooms in our home, so maybe that will be a post for another day 🙂

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  1. Kaleena

    Oh my gosh! 😍 This is the most I’ve seen of your new home. It’s so beautiful! Please come decorate my house 😉. These really are great ideas, and I was so SOO excited to see the heart journal make an appearance 🥲🥰

    • Autumn

      Ha, thanks Kaleena! You’re the best. Miss ya! 🙂


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