Tuesday’s Theories

November 01, 2022

Swirling spirals of thought

Have me tangled up and caught

Until I stop…

What is right in front of me?

What is quietly asking to be seen

The present moment…outside the spiral, living the dream

Write it down, make it real

We create constructs to control the way we feel.

But to be enthralled, to be exposed, to be filled with wonder

Look outside the lines

Explore what’s on the under

Beneath the surface, behind the veil

What are we not supposed to see?

The chaos and the order are designed,

To keep us small, to keep us confined.

Step back from the rails

Open your eyes and truly see

All that you’re asked to believe in

Is just manufactured manipulation.

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  1. Crystal Schiller

    I love remembering that I am choosing to feel and experience the world the way I am. Thank you for this reminder that I am the one choosing to play small and be a victim. I have no one to blame but myself and must choose again!!!


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