10 Unique Gifts for the Women in Your Life

December 07, 2020

The Search for Something Meaningful

Last minute Christmas shopping can creep up. I find myself making lists and aiming to be prepared early on…starting my process of present hunting in early fall. Inevitably, there’s always stragglers come December that I’m still stumped by. I’ve searched gift guides on Pinterest many times. This year, I wanted to offer a list of ideas for the women in your life. The moms, mother in law’s, friends, sisters, and selfless givers alike that deserve something special. I stand by this collection as tried and true gifts that are sure to be cherished for years to come.


1. Jewelry from gldn.com

This website was introduced to me by my sister in law, who is truly gifted in finding unique, quality shops. I purchased two of the same necklace, one for me, one for Lindsay, and we’ve loved them ever since. Each piece is handmade, and they guarantee their work, so if anything ever happens to damage your selection, they will fix it for a small rework fee. I love this website because it offers such a range of options of quality, expressive, and reasonably priced jewelry your loved one will treasure! Order by Wednesday, December 9, in time for Christmas delivery!

2. Personalized Tea Towel

Family recipes become heirlooms. Passed down from generation to generation and shared among close friends, having a recipe that has been loved by a wide range of people makes us feel like we are part of something special…because we are! I found this personalized recipe tea towel on Etsy at a store called Zoey’s Attic a few years back and ordered one for my sister in law that has my recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies on it and another for my mom, with the recipe for her grandmother’s Devil’s Food Cake. She loved it so much that she had me order more for her sisters to enjoy, too! For $30.50, this is an easy, useful, and thoughtful gift with heartfelt nostalgia attached!

3. Wildhollow Dried Floral Wreath

A lovely friend of mine surprised me last week with a beautiful wreath from Wildhollow Farms, located in Wisconsin. Turns out the people that run the farm are old college friends of hers. The wreath she gave me is right up my alley and added just the element I have been looking for to my kitchen. I went on their website and was pleased to find more amazing options at reasonable prices ($32-$45 depending on size), with fast shipping! I highly recommend one of these wreaths for any of the women in your life.

4. Beyond Scents Perfume Oil

My whole life, my mom has worn a perfume oil called “Rain”. This company, Beyond Scents, sells many different fragrances as well as skin care items, candles, and more. What I like about these perfume oils is they are reasonably priced (the roller pictured is only $16 right now). They are unlike any other perfume you’ll find in a department store, and your purchase supports a small business. I’ve used a sample pack from this company and it’s fun to try out different scents. Plus, they smell clean, fresh, and feminine without that undertone of chemicals I so often detect in mass produced, mainstream perfumes. The women in your life might never find this for themselves, and will thank you for finding it for them!

5. Personalized Wood and Marble Beveled Cheese Board

How gorgeous is this cheese board?! Mark and Graham offer this beauty personalized for $39. I am often putting apples, cheese, nuts, and celery or things of similar nature, out on the counter for my family to munch on. Even if you’re not entertaining guests, an item like this is a staple in any woman’s kitchen. I love the classy feel offered by the  beveled edges and the marble. Whether gifted to your mom, sister, friend, or appreciated co worker, this item is a homerun.

6. 4 Things Personalized Tote Bag

Lindsay’s sister gifted her and her sisters and mom with a personalized tote like this one here, each with words specific to that woman’s personality and interests. Lindsay uses hers all the time, and loves it! This tote is so fun because it’s a simple way to show your attention to detail in what the receiver loves! When I think about what mine might say if a friend chose it for me, it makes me laugh. The possibilities are endless! Baking. Podcasts. Exercise. Food. Get creative and get giving– these are $39.95 and take about 2 weeks to ship to you once you place your order. Also– this company gives back! Click the link to find out more.

7. Wild Hibiscus Sangria Candle

I randomly stumbled upon this candle in target a few years back and I have been hooked on it ever since. Retailed at $14.95, it’s a scrumptiously scented fragrance, has a great burning life, and genuinely makes my home feel cozier. A word of warning: this is often sold out when I go to target. So when I’m there and I find it, I buy at least one to have on hand. I have introduced friends and family to this candle as well and it never disappoints. Pairing this lovely item with a weighted blanket (see next on this list) and a great book would make any woman love the idea of settling in at home!

8. Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

When my son was in 3rd grade, I got him a weighted blanket to help him relax at night. He was feeling anxious and scared and having trouble falling asleep, so we invested in one of these to try and help him feel safe and secure. It has worked wonders for him, and soon enough my oldest daughter wanted one, too. The advertising doesn’t exaggerate when it says snuggling under one of these feels like a hug for your whole body.  There are a lot of options out there. I purchased my kids’ online, and I found a super fun leopard print one for a friend at Target. They range in price, but average cost is about $60. Whether you know someone who deals with a great deal of stress, or is cold all throughout the year, or just loves the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket, a weighted one is a level up from the ordinary.

9. Personalized Doormat

Help her welcome guests to her home with a doormat bearing the family name! This gift is simple and useful, and because it is personalized and not available at your local hardware store, it has unique flair. It could be helpful for the delivery man, too! No more mis-delivered packages ;). This one goes for $56.10, and offers multiple design options. 

10. WeatherTech Desk Fone

Last Christmas, my bestie bought me the desk fone and it has been a FaceTime game changer for me! I have the original, but this item is now made as a “two view” desk fone, allowing vertical and horizontal orientation. I personally love anything that affords me the luxury of being hands free, and connecting with my family and friends that don’t live nearby is a huge priority in my life. This could be used to watch videos, look at recipes, read articles, and beyond. I may have never known about this had it not been gifted to me, and I am so glad it was. The two view version retails for $34.95, the single view version goes for $24.95. The shipping is so quick, too!

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