You Are A Force

May 01, 2023

I confessed:

I don’t know what I believe anymore, I don’t know who I am

Wisely and calmly, she whispered: 

As much as you feel like you’re floundering, 

no longer on solid ground,

without convictions, 

I see someone with the strength of water

You are flexible, 

flowing around and through obstacles no other substance could do as well

carving new paths,

revealing things below the surface 

that would never be seen without you

You are home 

to the depths of life that cannot survive

without the peace and presence you offer,

with no judgment or condition

just a life-giving source

You are a force

And one of the most powerful at that

*These beautiful words by Autumn were offered in a text message to Lindsay in the thick of her faith deconstruction. I (Lindsay) turned them into a poem 🙂

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